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Thursday, February 16, 2006

And they say nothing ever happens in Binghamton!!!

Obviously, they're wrong! We've had the first meth lab death in New York state. That's something we can brag about, right? *eyeroll*

Now, I was wondering how this could happen right in the city of Binghamton, but then I saw it was on Conklin Ave, and sure enough, it's way out near the outskirts, towards, well Conklin and PA. Although there was a big bust in JC a while ago, which is more urban as well. Usually it's the rural areas that are the big meth lab turf, tho.

Normally we blame the drugs in this area on transplants from NYC. It doesn't say in this article where the girl whose house the meth lab was in is originally from, but it does say that the victim graduated from Greene High School, which I do believe is in Chenango County. Damn you Chenango County, sending your fucking druggies to Binghamton!!!

Hee. I do remember reading a while ago (I tried to get the article from but because it was in the archives they wanted me to buy it, which is just ridiculous, since I already subscribe to their freaking paper and that should count for something!) that Tioga County was the biggest meth producer in the state. Or had the most meth labs. Or something.

There we go for economic development--- forget factories or technology, the Southern Tier's future is in meth!!!

(Also? I don't hate Greene. Greene is a nice place. My uncle owns a bowling alley there. Nor do I hate Chenago County. Or Tioga County. Or NYC. Take everything I say with a grain of salt as usual, kids.)

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