Finding Myself OMG: A Bullshit Quest

Well, where do I start? I'm struggling, I suppose, to find out who I am outside of who my parents want me to be, who my friends want me to be, or who my own perfectionist tendencies (totally personified) want me to be. I don't know if this blog will really document my progress in, ahem, coming of age, or if it will just basically be a place for me to vent and blab about nothing. We shall see.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh, shit.

Syphilis makes a comeback in Broome County.

I guess now's not the best time to lose my virginity in an unprotected one night stand, eh? Damn. (Just kidding, folks, just kidding.)

In other less grody news, I am safely back from Myrtle Beach. I had a good time, in spite of everything.

I'll be back with a fuller entry later today.

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