Finding Myself OMG: A Bullshit Quest

Well, where do I start? I'm struggling, I suppose, to find out who I am outside of who my parents want me to be, who my friends want me to be, or who my own perfectionist tendencies (totally personified) want me to be. I don't know if this blog will really document my progress in, ahem, coming of age, or if it will just basically be a place for me to vent and blab about nothing. We shall see.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life sucks right now.

It really does suck quite a bit. It seems like everywhere I go and everything I do I'm reminded of my dad or his death. It's the first week of summer classes, things are busy at work, and I feel like shit. I have an ear infection/sinus infection thing. My throat's sore, my ear hurts like hell, and worst of all, my lymph nodes are all swollen making my neck really stiff and sore.

I'm writing this at work now. My boss is out, and when he gets back I have to do a job I'm not comfortable with (nothing sketchy).

I feel like shit.

The good news, though, (look for the silver lining and all that) is that my aunt's cat did not succeed in killing my puppy.


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